Evaluation Study of Eye Conditions or Potential Eye Conditions

This study will allow the University of Arizona (UA) physicians and researchers the opportunity to examine people with or without eye disease, whether the diagnosis is known or not. In this study, no treatment will be offered. Participants undergo various tests and procedures to diagnose or evaluate their eye disease. Participants will also have repeat tests and/or procedures in their follow-ups.  The long-term goal of the study is to advance knowledge on the natural history of common blinding diseases, as well as the structural and physiological characteristics in the eyes of people of Arizona for the purpose of administering the highest quality prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to preserve and protect their visual function.   

Basic eligibility criteria:
Please contact the study coordinator for additional eligibility information.

People 18 years-of-age or older with or without various eye conditions, including genetic conditions, eye movement disorders, inflammatory eye diseases, retinal diseases and external eye diseases, are eligible for this study.

Primary disease category: Eye/Vision

Secondary disease categories: Healthy Volunteers

Sponsor: University of Arizona

Protocol number: Pending

Projected enrollment dates: January 2021 to January 2024

Official study title: Evaluation Study of Eye Conditions or Potential Eye Conditions