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Smoking is a leading public health problem, especially for adults living with HIV (ALHIV), who have higher rates
of smoking and more cardiovascular disease than the general population. Poor sleep is more prevalent among
ALHIV, more prevalent among smokers, can be caused by smoking cessation attempts, predicts relapse to

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The objective of this study is to obtain and report outcome data for adult patients who received systemic antifungal therapy (AFT) for the treatment of invasive mucormycosis (IM) or invasive aspergillosis (IA) caused by a non-fumigatus species.

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This study seeks to describe representative real-world patterns of
care for the management of invasive fungal infections (IFIs),
including invasive mold infection (IMI). Specifically, the study
goals are to examine real world patient characteristics and
treatment patterns, associated healthcare resource utilization, and
outcomes associated with use of mold-active triazoles (MATs) to
treat IFIs.

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