Take Charge Diabetes Mellitus

A team at the U of A and Banner Health is looking for people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to join a study about a new approach to managing your blood sugar.

The study will last about 1 month and will take place at a UA/Banner Health outpatient clinic near BUMC-Tucson South. You will attend an individual education session and receive information that might help you lose weight.

Study phase: N/A

Basic eligibility criteria:
Please contact the study coordinator for additional eligibility information.

You may qualify for the study if:

• You are at least 18 years old

• Your doctor has told you that you have Type 2 diabetes

• You speak, read, and understand English

• You are not pregnant or breastfeeding

• You have not lost more than 10 pounds in the last 3 months.

Primary disease category: Diabetes & Endocrine System

Secondary disease categories: Diabetes & Endocrine System, Healthy Volunteers

This study is enrolling healthy volunteers.

Sponsor: The University of Arizona

Protocol number: 190418491

Projected enrollment dates: September 2019 to December 2020

Official study title: Effectiveness of Hunger Training Compared to an Intensive Lifestyle Intervention on Weight Loss and Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes (Phase 1)