Pain in Atopic Dermatitis

The goal the study is to shed light on the characteristics, severity, quality of life impacts, and causes of pain in eczema patients, and how pain may be linked to skin barrier damage. One hundred eczema patients to be asked fill out a questionnaire that asks detailed questions about their pain symptoms, such as what kind of pain sensation do they have, how often and severely do they have pain, the length of the pain episodes, how much does pain affects their daily live and mood, and what are some day-to-day activities that worsen their pain.

Basic eligibility criteria:
Please contact the study coordinator for additional eligibility information.

Inclusion criteria:
• Between ages 8 to 75.
• Diagnosed with atopic dermatitis (eczema) by a dermatologist.
• Do not have other concomitant inflammatory skin disorders.
• Able to comprehend and read the English language.
• For subjects under 18, a parent/legal guardian will be asked to help read and interpret questionnaire contents.

Primary disease category: Dermatology

Projected enrollment dates: November 2016 to November 2017

Official study title: PAIN IN ATOPIC DERMATITIS