Gait and Balance Function Test

This study will use body-worn sensors to assess gait and balance in persons 18 years and older with a variety of health conditions and movement disorders, including Alzheimer's, asthma, arthritis, cancer, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, heart failure and arrhythmias, Parkinson's disease, stroke and post-traumatic injury.

Study phase (if other): Pilot

Basic eligibility criteria:
Please contact the study coordinator for additional eligibility information.

Any individual 18 years old or older is eligible to participate. Up to 500 subjects will be recruited. Targeted disorders groups for this project include: trauma patients, multiple chronic conditions, peripheral arterial disease, morbus Parkinson, frailty, mild cognitive impairment, arthritis, asthma, atrial fibrillation, cancer (breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate), chronic kidney disease, COPD, depression, diabetes, heart failure, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Primary disease category: Movement & Exercise

Projected enrollment dates: June 2016 to June 2021

Official study title: Gait and Balance Function Test